Kajian Pengaruh Penggunaan Social Network Sites Dalam Mendukung E-Learning Terhadap Motivasi Belajar Siswa

Abstract – The social networking site is one of the technological facilities available today, where every day is used / accessed by the thousands and even millions of internet users around the world. This now many social networking sites are also used as e-learning. Some of the advantages of e-learning for e-learning is able to provide flexibility, speed, and interactive visualization through the various advantages of each media one of which is a social networking site. See the advantages of social networking sites and e-learning and the benefits that can be gained not cover the shortage of elearning, view it then carried out this study to analyze how much influence the use of social network sites as a medium of e-learning on the students motivation , From the results of this analysis showed that No significant effect on the use of social networking sites (socialnetwork sites) against a media elearning on student motivation, but it is also evident that the diversity of gender, age, and the name of the site that diguanakan, influential on consumer motivation.


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